Times are changing and so are needs. People are working harder than ever before. Working couples often both have very demanding jobs and good, sound sleep is critical to their success. It’s not surprising that more and more couples are asking for dual master suites. They need more room for their wardrobes and more space to relax. They need a place to rejuvenate and get ready for the next day.

My mom and dad both worked very hard back in the 1950’s thru the 1970’s, when I grew up. Both had important jobs and needed rest. They were up at 5:15am to make the commute from the suburbs to downtown Atlanta. Their jobs started at 8am. They both worked for the Department of Defense, one military, the other, civilian. But they had separate bedrooms and baths. It wasn’t the norm back then, but it worked well for their busy lifestyles.

Today, we’re seeing more and more couples with separate bedrooms and baths. Now, it’s really a sign of the times. I just saw an article in Architectural Digest saying that this is now, “The Hottest New Amenity In Luxury Homes”. Click here to read more.