Beautiful beaches, a mild climate, and highly rated schools combine to make Manhattan Beach, California one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. Mira Costa High School Consistently makes Newsweek’s Lists of Top American High Schools. Additionally, Manhattan Beach Unified is ranked among the top school districts in the United States by Forbes. Manhattan Beach also boasts more than two miles of beaches that are about 400 feet wide and a desirable commuting distance to Los Angeles.

These attributes make Manhattan Beach a highly competitive real estate market. estimates area homes have a median list price of approximately $3 million. That works out to about $1,151 per square foot. If you are interested in raw land along the Manhattan Beach Strand, be prepared to pay upwards of $10 million or more for a 3,000 square foot tract. Use the following three tips when you are searching for homes for sale in Manhattan Beach Ca.

Determine your housing needs and what features you want

Manhattan Beach appeals to people of all ages, whether retired or still in the workforce. Many of the active listings are townhouses. A townhome typically comes with a close-knit community that is within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and outdoor recreation options. Landscaping and building maintenance is handled by the Homeowner’s Association, giving you more time to relax and enjoy yourself. A single-family home provides you with a lawn area and more room for entertaining. You also have more room for a growing family or to care for an aging parent in the future.

Regardless of which type of home is right for you, be better prepared by knowing what features you must have before you begin viewing potential homes. This will save you a lot of time and eliminate a great deal of frustration.

Find a knowledgeable Realtor who is going to work for you

Real estate agents are immersed in all aspects of the local real estate market. They have knowledge and information that home buyers do not have. You really need a buyer’s agent working in your best interest when searching for homes for sale in Manhattan Beach, CA. The right agent will help you through each step of the buying process and help ensure you obtain a home you will enjoy for many years to come.

Take the time to interview at least three buyer’s agents before you begin looking at homes. When you sign a buyer agency agreement with a Realtor, they have a fiduciary responsibility to work in your best interest.

Be sure your finances are in good order before you begin viewing homes

Correcting errors on your credit report and boosting your credit score can take several months. A good credit score results in a better interest rate and financing terms when you buy a home. Focus on paying off credit cards and bulking up your bank accounts in the months leading up to searching homes for sale in Manhattan Beach, CA. Lenders will want to review your account statements, so the money should be in your accounts for at least two months before you apply for a mortgage.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends comparing interest rates and terms from at least three lenders. Just be sure to complete the process within a 45-day window so the multiple credit checks will only impact your credit score one time.