Manhattan Beach offers exceptional living – it provides the best of California to its residents, and caters to a more relaxed lifestyle. From The Strand bike path to the iconic beaches, Manhattan Beach’s upscale neighborhoods attract families, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who want luxury living with ample perks at their fingertips.

Because of the strong draw to live in this unique community and experience its attributes, Manhattan Beach real estate is dynamic and thriving. Both selling and buying a home in Manhattan Beach takes skill and a deep knowledge of the market, as well as the area itself.

Stan Botello and Gary Senser are expert Realtors® with a combined 35+ years of Manhattan Beach real estate experience. More importantly, they have lived in Manhattan Beach since 1986. A glance at the Botello & Senser Team reviews gives prospective clients insight to who they are and what they bring to the table when buying or selling a home in Manhattan Beach.

An overview of Manhattan Beach real estate

Credibility is earned through staying knowledgeable about an industry. Being able to offer clients an optimal all-around experience – which includes understanding each nuance of the current market – is crucial for successful transactions. The Botello & Senser Team stays consistently on top of trends, and provides valuable insights to both current and prospective clients about the market with Weekly Market Updates.

These updates capture detailed market reports for each neighborhood. They also give answers to common questions they get from people buying and selling a home in Manhattan Beach.

Although the Manhattan Beach real estate market generally remains strong, even slight variations can make a difference in the buying and selling approach. Each neighborhood has its own individual landscape as well, which is why understanding each part of Manhattan Beach is important. The overall Manhattan Beach area includes:

Selling a home in Manhattan Beach

Selling a home in Manhattan Beach means providing a listing that stands out from the others. There are several points that allow this to happen:

  • Pricing – Researching the market and assigning an optimal price that allows the listing to move in an efficient amount of time, while making sure the homeowner benefits as well. Pricing is crucial, and when a property is priced out of the optimal range, it can deter buyers.
  • Condition – Understanding what buyers are looking for; this includes comparing your property to recently sold properties. What features do people want? Does the condition of your property compare well to those sold properties? It’s essential to complete any projects that are low or no cost, and consider investing in appealing upgrades when it adds to the value.
  • Staging – By staging, you give potential buyers the vision to see what is possible with the space. Staging also depersonalizes, allowing others to imagine living in your space. The goal is to optimize space and flow.
  • Marketing – Marketing should be about targeting valuable leads (buyers). In other words, identifying who is looking for a property like the one you are offering. Your property should also be presented in an ideal and professional way that creates competition and a maximized bidding environment.
  • Communication – The home selling process is personal. It’s your home, so it’s not always easy to hear feedback or disclose the less-than-appealing factors. However, in the home selling process, it’s essential to open the lines of communication and be willing to listen for a more streamlined experience.
  • Negotiation – Prepare for the negotiation process by staying connected with why you’re selling. Understand that to reach an agreement, everyone needs to feel it’s a win-win situation. Keep the optimal selling range in mind – your final purchase price will fall within that range.
  • Closing – Once an offer is accepted, there is still a lot to do. Stay on top of the small details, focus on your part of the closing process, and remain flexible to anything that may come up.

When selling a home in Manhattan Beach, working with an experienced Realtor® will elevate the process, and take an enormous amount of the pressure off the homeowner. It’s also beneficial to use a company with a well-known name and affiliation that people trust.

Buying a home in Manhattan Beach

Buying a home in Manhattan Beach can be an exciting experience, but it also requires knowing what you want and working with a professional team that knows the area. Each neighborhood offers a unique culture, and identifying what you’re looking for will make the process more successful.
Homebuyers should ask themselves some questions to fine-tune what it is they want:

  • What is your budget?
  • What size are you looking for?
  • How long do you plan to be in your home?
  • Do you want move-in ready, or are you looking for something with more investment potential?
  • What features do you require, need, want; create a list from most important to least?
  • What amenities do you want nearby?
  • What neighborhood characteristics are most important?

While touring homes is entertaining for a while, it can get overwhelming when you don’t find homes that meet your criteria. Working with an agent narrows the pool to properties that meet your needs. Plus, an agent can help identify pros and cons, and offer valuable market insights.

A Realtor® may also know the backstory of a property, or can gather additional pertinent information for the negotiation process. Professional networks may also allow them to find properties that will go quickly and help you prepare to compete for them.

Manhattan Beach Neighborhoods

Manhattan Beach is one of the most sought-after areas in Los Angeles County. Within Manhattan Beach are six subsections that each carry a distinct vibe. Although you can’t go wrong living in any area of Manhattan Beach, a particular neighborhood may better suit your lifestyle.

Sand Section

This vibrant beachfront area is ideal for those who revel in stunning views. It’s also optimal for those who love a morning beach walk or easy access to beach activities. Homeowners in Manhattan Beach Sand Section are very much a part of the action. This close community is connected by meandering walkways and spectacular stretches of sand. Living here affords you epic ocean views and plenty of opportunity to play. Walk to Downtown and North End shops and restaurants.

Tree Section

The Manhattan Beach Tree Section lends a more rural feel. Although there is an abundance of trees to be found, the neighborhood is actually named for its street names; Pine, Oak, Elm, Palm, etc. However, there are also ordinances in place to protect the neighborhood’s tree-lined aesthetic. It’s not uncommon to find families here, and there is an eclectic mix of house styles. It’s a sweeping section of Manhattan Beach that’s extremely popular.

Hill Section

Sweeping views of the ocean and coast line, and in some parts, the city, access to amenities and entertainment, and easy commutes make the Manhattan Beach Hill Section incredibly desirable. The area offers larger lots with ample sized estate homes. The area boasts a peaceful community. While you’ll see neighbors, you have the ideal retreat from the bustle of life as well.

Manhattan Village

The Manhattan Village neighborhood is perfect for those seeking a more quiet and secured environment. Manhattan Village is a private gated community (the only one in Manhattan Beach), which includes homes, town homes, and court homes. If you want to live steps from shops and dining, this is the place. The Village has private gated access to the large Manhattan Village Mall.

Liberty Village / Manhattan Heights

Liberty Village / Manhattan HeightsLocated a short distance from the beach, the Liberty Village and Manhattan Heights sections of Manhattan Beach are ideal for those who like their modern amenities nearby. Parks, shopping, and athletic facilities are within walking distance. You’ll find a traditional neighborhood aesthetic in the Liberty Village/Manhattan Heights area, with homes that often feature ample outdoor space and homes set up for everyday living.

Mira Costa

The quiet area of Mira Costa is minutes from both downtown and the beach, but offers homeowners a family-oriented retreat. Mira Costa is named for Mira Costa High School, located within the community, and the only high school in Manhattan Beach. The hills and slopes in this neighborhood afford residents some beautiful views. In addition to the Hill Section, Mira Costa affords larger lots, great for family outdoor activities.

Manhattan Beach Schools

Manhattan Beach Unified School District has seven schools, with the high school named among one of the best public high schools in the nation. Part of Manhattan Beach’s allure comes from its exceptional public education system. Overall, it gets top rating for academics, college prep, teachers, and extracurricular activities.

The award-winning district is comprised of five elementary schools, one middle and one high school.

Manhattan Beach Living

At the core of Manhattan Beach is community. The area is alive with events, entertainment, and activities. Throughout the year, residents and visitors enjoy festivals, music, and access to a wide variety of activities.

Locals are enthusiastically involved, keeping the community spirit dynamic and thriving. Manhattan Beach homeowners can attend or participate in everything from the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair and Concert Series at Polliwog Park to the International Surf Festival, well-known Pumpkin Race, and the annual Holiday Fireworks show that takes place in December.

The Manhattan Beach community boasts some hidden gems as well. The peaceful Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden within Polliwog Park provides a beautiful, natural spot to stroll, and the Roundhouse Aquarium offers abundant learning opportunities.

Central to the community is the beach. World-class beach and beachfront activities are the highlight. Sweeping sand and spectacular Pacific waters give locals the ability to bike, surf, or play some volleyball.

Art and culture are also a big part of the area. While locals always have the option to venture outside the Manhattan Beach “bubble,” there is no need to.

Renting vs Buying in Manhattan Beach

While there are several homes and condos for sale in Manhattan Beach, there is a healthy rental market as well. The Sand Section is home to many of the Manhattan Beach rentals. It possesses approximately 30-35% in rental housing, which makes it an excellent investment opportunity.
For those considering moving to the area, renting can be a great way to get your foot in the door and experience Manhattan Beach living at its finest. If you’re determined to make it your permanent home, working with an experienced Manhattan Beach real estate agent will make the transition from Manhattan Beach renter to homeowner even more seamless.

What Makes Botello & Senser the Manhattan Real Estate Team of Choice

When looking for Manhattan Beach homes for sale, or looking for a listing agent in Manhattan Beach, you increase your chance of success working with an experienced team. Botello & Senser not only have decades of professional experience in Manhattan Beach real estate, but live in the area.

Botello & Senser is the team of choice. When working with clients they’ll:

  • Offer in-depth market insights
  • Guide clients in maximizing their Manhattan Beach home sales or purchases
  • Provide helpful information about each Manhattan Beach neighborhood and what it’s like to live there
  • Create a long-term relationship – Botello & Senser are there when you need them, and continually have current information about Manhattan Beach real estate and living

Buy or Sell a home in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach holds an allure. It’s a perfect blend of beauty, luxury, convenience, community, and activity. From epic beaches to top-rated schools, Manhattan Beach is one of the best places to live. It keeps residents close to the big city, but in a private retreat surrounded by pristine shops, restaurants, and outdoor spaces with access to healthy, outdoor living. Contact an experienced Manhattan Beach agent to list or buy a home.