Manhattan Beach

It can take a homebuyer anywhere between a few days to several months to buy a property. You have to research everything from the area to the school system, consider your budget, and then explore on foot. Without taking the proper steps, you might miss out on the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of your dreams.

Want to simplify the process? Keep reading for five tips that will help you find a neighborhood in Manhattan Beach. With these tips, you can find the perfect home for your family without stress.

Start your search with these helpful tips today!

1. Check Online

Before you go anywhere, take the time to explore online. You can find a lot of the information you need to simplify your search online. With COVID-19 quarantines still in effect, it’s also important to consider your safety.

First, make a list of potential neighborhoods in Manhattan Beach you’ll want to explore. Do you want to live in the Sand Section, The Village, Tree Section, Mira Costa, Hill Section, or Liberty Village / Manhattan Heights? Explore each area to determine which section of Manhattan Beach best suits you and your family.

Then, you can use the rest of these tips to narrow down your options.

Starting your research online will help you save valuable time. If you can’t find the answer to a question, write it down! That way, you can take your questions to a qualified real estate agent who knows more about the area.

2. Review Your Budget

As of July 16, 2020, the median list price for a home in Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 is $3,437,499. Does that fit your budget? If not, you might want to give your finances a look.

Determining a set budget will help you avoid falling in love with a home you can’t afford. You don’t want to fall into massive debt.

Reviewing your budget to determine how much you can afford can also give you the chance to get pre-approved for a home loan. Getting pre-approved can show homeowners in the area that you’re serious about buying. They’ll see you have the financial means to cover the cost of the property.

To determine your budget, consider the expenses involved in buying a home. These can include the following:

  • The down payment
  • Mortgage
  • Transfer costs
  • Appraisal fees
  • Escrow fees
  • Insurance costs
  • Inspection fees

Take your current income and multiple it by three. Then, start looking for homes that fit that price range.

3. Consider Work

As you start narrowing down neighborhoods in the area, don’t forget to imagine your new life. What’s the neighborhood’s distance from work? An exhausting commute can start to add stress to your life.

Do you plan on taking the bus instead of driving? Try to map out the route. If it seems too tedious, you might want to look for a neighborhood closer to work.

The best way to calculate your future commute is to complete a test run. Don’t forget to try it during rush hour.

4. Consider the Kids

Are you moving your kids to a new school in the area? Make sure to research the schools in Manhattan Beach before choosing your new neighborhood.

The quality of the school district can also impact your home’s resale value. All Manhattan Beach public schools are part of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. The standardized test scores in MBUSD are in the top 1% of the state and the nation. In fact, both US News and Newsweek rank Mira Costa in the top 1% of schools nationally.

Consider talking to people in the neighborhood you’re interested in. You can also attend a PTA meeting or call the school to attend a tour.

Otherwise, imagine raising kids in the area. There are many neighborhoods for families in the area.

Is there a park nearby? Will they feel safe?

If you have kids, you might want to prioritize finding safe neighborhoods in Manhattan Beach. You can use tools like and CrimeReports to look at the area’s crime rates.

5. Explore the Area

The easiest way to imagine living in Manhattan Beach is to test it out. Spend the day in the area you’re interested in and explore. Drive around to find restaurants, soccer fields, and other places in the area.

During your visit, make a note of the traffic patterns. You might want to visit during rush hour one day to see if the traffic is hectic. If it is, keep searching.

What other conveniences are important to you? Is there a grocery store nearby? Do you want to walk to a local coffee shop or take the kids to a library?

What Manhattan Beach activities are available in the area?

Imagining your life there as you explore can help you find a neighborhood that suits your needs.

Manhattan Beach Neighborhoods

Start exploring in Sand Section, a vibrant beachfront area perfect if you enjoy soaking in the sun. This area is ideal if your family enjoys playing on the beach, taking in ocean views, or walking along stretches of sand.

The Tree Section is made up of several quaint neighborhoods that evoke a small-town feel. The streets are tree-lined and most of the homes have backyards. Houses in the area aren’t as densely clustered as they are in the Sand Section.

Houses in the Tree Section also aren’t spaced as far apart as they are in East Manhattan Beach.

The Hill Section is known for its large, estate homes on wide streets and spacious lots. The steep hills offer sweeping, panoramic ocean and city views

Manhattan Village, on the other hand, is ideal if you’re looking for privacy. The area is quiet and secure.

East Manhattan Beach is ideal for families that are looking for more space between themselves and their neighbors. This area offers larger lots, great schools, and many recreation parks with well-designed playgrounds.

You might want to explore the Liberty Village and Manhattan Heights areas, too. Close to the beach, these areas are ideal if you’re looking for amenities like parks, shopping, and plenty of outdoor space.

How to Find a New Home in Manhattan Beach

Ready to find the perfect neighborhood for your family in Manhattan Beach? Keep these five tips in mind during your search. With these tips, you’ll find your new home in no time!

Eager to explore the area with a team that knows and loves Manhattan Beach? Contact us today to get started!