13 08, 2020

Sizzling Beach Date Ideas for Manhattan Beach

Are you trying to plan a date night that will wow your partner? Manhattan Beach is a great place to go for a date that neither of you will forget. With so many different activities and options, there is truly something for everyone to love. Take advantage of this beautiful location by considering some of [...]

6 07, 2020

How to Find Your Perfect Neighborhood in Manhattan Beach

It can take a homebuyer anywhere between a few days to several months to buy a property. You have to research everything from the area to the school system, consider your budget, and then explore on foot. Without taking the proper steps, you might miss out on the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of your dreams. Want to [...]

30 06, 2020

7 Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Home Sellers in Manhattan Beach

Are you trying to sell your home in Manhattan Beach? If so, you're well aware of the real estate market in this part of California. The homes are beautiful, the atmosphere is relaxed and luxurious, and the buyers are picky. This can make selling your home a little more difficult. However, there are some simple [...]

24 06, 2020

7 Tips for Finding Homes for Families in Manhattan Beach

Imagine bikes in the garage, kids playing in the yard, and chalk art on the driveway; there all signs your kids have settled into their new home. Throughout the entire home buying process, people consider finding the right home the most important step! Some people take as long as 10 weeks searching for their dream [...]

18 06, 2020

10 Best Restaurants for New Residents of Manhattan Beach

With its over the top homes, beautiful scenery, and lavish lifestyle, Manhattan Beach, California is straight out of a storybook. Those who live here love it and those who visit never want to leave. Its 35,722 residents enjoy plenty of fun in the sun and delicious dining. As a new resident of Manhattan Beach, there is [...]

12 06, 2020

8 Best Family Activities for New Residents of Manhattan Beach

Recent census information revealed that April 2020 saw the sale of 623,000 new homes. That's up from 619,000 homes sold in March. People are looking to purchase new homes and one place to look in is Manhattan Beach, California. Manhattan Beach is a beautiful area to purchase your new home. It has great neighborhoods to [...]

29 05, 2020

Manhattan Beach Home Market Trends: What Do the Numbers Say?

Manhattan Beach, a city located in the southwest portion of the greater Los Angeles County, is a place that you see in movies: Sandy beaches within walking distance to local shops and eateries, residential areas where neighbors know each other, and beautiful views of the ocean all in one place. Whether you want to experience [...]

15 05, 2020

Manhattan Beach Homes: 7 Ways to Finance Your Dream Home

There are several benefits to owning your own home, but people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford one. It's even harder to finance your dream home. The truth is, Manhattan Beach homes don't have to wait until retirement. Imagine if you could live in a vacation house full time. Read on to learn how to finance [...]

5 05, 2020

What You Need to Know About Your First Home Mortgage

Are you looking to take out a home mortgage for the first time? If this is your first time taking out a home mortgage, there's no doubt that the experience can feel overwhelming.  However, with the right information, taking out a mortgage can be easier than you think.  Check out this guide to discover what [...]

15 04, 2020


Manhattan Beach offers exceptional living – it provides the best of California to its residents, and caters to a more relaxed lifestyle. From The Strand bike path to the iconic beaches, Manhattan Beach’s upscale neighborhoods attract families, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who want luxury living with ample perks at their fingertips. Because of the strong [...]